Structural Health Monitoring

Past Projects

Structural Health Monitoring


Advanced Modeling Techniques for Ultrasonic Guided Waves

Modeling of guided wave interaction with a breathing crack using LISA. (Note that the excitation centers at 100 kHz, while the sensing signal contains not only the fundamental frequency at 100 kHz, but also distinctive nonlinear higher harmonics at 200 kHz, 300 kHz, and 400 kHz, etc.)

Local Interaction Simulation Approach (LISA)


Hybrid Global Matrix/Local Interaction Simulation Approach (LISA) Model for GW SHM in Composite Laminates


Numerical Analysis of Complex Composite Structures Using LISA

Kalyan GW

Diagnosis of Space Structures for Integrated Systems Health Management

Kalyan GW

CLoVER Transducer for Structural Health Monitoring