X-HALE: Instrumenting A Very Flexible UAV for Nonlinear Aeroelastic Tests

Investigator(s) : Zi Yang Pang

Sponsor : A2SRL


A new flight instrumentation system is being developed to capture X-HALE dynamics during flight trials. This system includes a stereo-vision based method to measure wing deflection is currently and 3-axis IMUs installed on outboard pods to measure on-station orientation during flight. Coupled with information from the INS/GPS system, this will enable high fidelity data capture during flight for validation of the in-house aeroelastic code UM/NAST. 
Theoretical formulation for the sensor output is underway to allow flight control to use these measurements directly in the control design. In parallel, he is also developing UM/NAST in C++ for increased performance and capability.

Testing of Stereo-vision Measurement System