Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analysis of the X-56 MUTT

Investigator(s) : Jessica Jones

Sponsor : NASA


The X-56 Multi-Utility Aeroelastic Demonstrator, also known as the Multi-Utility Technology Testbed is a joint venture between NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The purpose of the X-56 is to provide a platform to study active flutter suppression technologies and provide data to advance the state of the art of “performance aggressive” aircraft. The subscale aircraft has an aspect ratio of 14 with a wingspan of 27.8 feet. Its modular wing design allow for flight tests at various payload and wing stiffness configurations, as well as allowing the aircraft be modified to a joined wing design.

Project Goal:: Create nonlinear beam model of X-56 from FEM model for use in flutter analysis and flight-test support.

X-56 Multi-Utility Technology Testbed, cr. Lockheed Martin
X-56 FEM Wing Nodes and Equivalent Reference Beam