Implementation of Embedded System for Very Flexible Aircraft

Student : Sheng-Yu Lo

Sponsor : A2SRL


For new generation aircraft, High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) has been a researched and developed target for several years. Due to the non-linear behavior of structure coupled with air dynamics, a sustainable and robust control model is still under development. To thoroughly understand and set up the environment for the control evaluating, two embedded systems were implemented in A2SRL, University of Michigan.

From the hardware perspective, module studies were performed to ensure the system well assembled. The software system was evaluated for data processing and analyzing. With integrated hardware and software, the embedded systems were able to perform a stable control on the vehicles. 

Four cameras were set up on the central spine building stereo vision of the wing. Several LED markers were installed on the wing of for visual detection. With image processing, 3D model of the aircraft can be reconstructed, and thus to capture the displacement of the wing due to aeroelastic effect.