Folding Wingtip Freeplay and its Effects on Limit Cycle Oscillations of Flexible Wings

Student : Larissa Drews Wayhs Lopes

Sponsor : São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)


There are several types of nonlinearities, such as geometrically nonlinear behavior and freeplay. The first type of nonlinearity is usually found in flexible high-aspect-ratio wings (HARWs) – an important topic studied by A2SRL – which achieve large deformations and have the intrinsic geometrically nonlinear behavior. On the other hand, freeplay typically arises from hinge connections, for example, the one linking the folding wingtips to the main wing. Furthermore, a recent topic in the aeroelastic field involves considering HARWs including passive folding wingtips, and therefore, the resulting system can exhibit both types of nonlinearities.

Larissa’s role is to investigate how the folding wingtip freeplay affects the limit cycle oscillations already existent in HARWs due to the geometrical nonlinearity by using/adapting the in-house software UM/NAST.